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Fanfiction by Fahye

(l'enfer est vide, et tous les diables sont ici)

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MASTER LIST -- all fics arranged by fandom

This is the ficblog of fahye. I try to post all the fanfic that I write here eventually, but occasionally impromptu giftfics or drabble memes will slip through the net, so the various 'writing' tags at my main journal contain some stuff that you won't find here. Poetry and original fiction also get posted to that journal.

I have been known to poke my head into a truly ridiculous number of fandoms, most notably: Battlestar Galactica, Naruto, Doctor Who, Merlin, White Collar & Inception.

I'm a junior doctor with very little free time and a very short attention span, so sprawling multi-chapter epics aren't really my thing; the vast majority of what I post are oneshots, though some of them do turn out alarmingly long.


Friending policy: Add me, remove me, whatever you please :) This journal's friending policy is completely reciprocal, but that's more out of a desire for symmetry than anything else.
adjective lists sans commas, books, crack, drabbles, draining canons of emotion, fanfiction, languages, lazy adverb syndrome, multi-person relationships, my beloved semicolons, non-gratuitous angst, perfectionism, procrastination, stories, writing

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