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[original fiction: eyaiverse 101]

Title: Fortuna Fugit
Rating: PG
Notes: While I'm working on the next chapter of the heist AU (which I am! as we speak!), here's something a bit different: it was brought to my attention that I'd never actually posted my favourite original story to this ficblog, for reasons that seemed logical when I first posted it to fahye but now seem...less so.

So here it is. This began as a one-off short story, and then there was the director's commentary, and then a few other people started writing stories and drabbles set in the same universe (the master post is here; I recommend them all to you without reservation, and suggest reading in the order that they were written), and my beloved ariastar adapted this first story for a chapter of the infamous dwseason5.

And now I'm working on my second eyaiverse story and have a couple more ideas up my sleeve, and it's become one of my favorite fictional playgrounds.

I hope you enjoy it, even though it's probably not quite why you're watching this ficblog :)

( "The creation of life," you say, "would that fall under the definition of fighting entropy, or increasing it?" )
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