March 30th, 2009

lost in a good book

[The History Boys: when our falsehoods are divided]

Title: When Our Falsehoods Are Divided
Fandom: The History Boys
Rating: probably a hard R
Word count: 8486
Notes: This is for schiarire; things I stole from her include Buber's idea of I-thou relationships, and les didascalies. Things I stole from the Magdalen College website include the existence of the Florio Society, which meets and critiques the anonymously submitted poetry of its own members.

I have done my best to recreate what Ji calls the PERFECT STORM OF SEXUAL TENSION that exists in the film. This is a Herculanean task no matter which way you look at it, and I am always suspicious of fics when the writing process feels like eating chocolate mousse with a silver spoon (indulgent and guilty-pleasurey), but I hope you enjoy it.

I am a highly unsuitable person to be writing in this fandom because a) I usually write in speculative universes, and b) I took a single semester of history in Year 7 and haven't touched it since, so I know extremely little about the history of anywhere. Through sheer force of will I have (mostly) managed to avoid mentioning science, choosing instead to wallow around in Shakespeare and Auden and French and a whole lot of other lovely things that I also wish I were better educated in. There is now a director's commentary which explains all the references in more depth, but read the fic first :)

This was supposed to be all intellectual and stuff, but it surprised me by becoming one of the dirtiest things I've ever written. Not extensively, but...intensely.

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