December 6th, 2008


[Merlin: quickening days (1/3)]

Title: Quickening Days
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: R
Wordcount: 22,174 (HOLY SHIT)
Notes: In which dragons & ghosts & prejudices are confronted, Merlin wears a hat (twice) and a dress (once), Arthur breaks some crockery (lots), there are more pranks than pillowfights but at least one of each, and many secrets are revealed.

This idea jumped me one day, sunk its teeth into my jugular and refused to let go until it was written. Apparently I have a burning need to contribute to the infamous fandom subgenre known as 'Merlin wears a dress'; I just didn't expect it to grow (and grow, and grow, and grow) an actual plot. For everyone who's wondering where the kissing is: it happens eventually! I promise!

This is the longest thing I have ever written in my entire life, and in a grand Antipodean fuck-you-too to the sudden proliferation of winter-themed fics in the fandom, it is a summer story.

The title is drawn from the fact that another name for the rowan tree is the Quicken. Bless you, Wikipedia.

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