November 23rd, 2008

lost in a good book

[Merlin: meteorology]

Title: Meteorology
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 4596
Notes: Uh. Look. My big scary PASS THESE OR FAIL OUT OF MEDICAL SCHOOL exams are in less than a week, and watching Merlin was meant to be a nice joyful way to spend my study breaks, but...that didn't exactly work out. Because this show makes me want to squeal in a high-pitched manner and have caplocky conversations about DESTINY and, obviously, write fic. Much love to ariastar for reading this over and making excited noises, and for helping me fill in some gaps.

This is a fic about Arthur's pratliness, because I miss it when it goes away, and I wanted an excuse to go on at great lengths about it. I suspect I also wanted an excuse to make up at least three different variations on the word 'prat'.

Set...between 1x09 and 1x10, I suppose. It was meant to be a lot slashier, but instead it is just about as slashy as the show. Which is still pretty damn slashy, trust me.

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