March 6th, 2008

devise wit; write pen

[Naruto: gloss]

Title: Gloss
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: R. Very R.
Wordcount: 2844
Notes: So much for my post-Listening Sky hiatus from Naruto, huh. This one wasn't planned: it started to write itself in my head during a dull lecture, growing from the rather cracktastic idea that along with the jutsus, Sasuke might have picked up Orochimaru's habit of doing weird things with his tongue. So it began life as a rather pointless examination of oral fixation, and grew a few deeper ideas as well, even though it's still pretty much all about sex. It's the porniest thing I've ever written and it was a lot of fun, because I've discovered that one can do quite a lot even when one has an irrational entirely valid aesthetic aversion to using genitalic nouns. Due to what I suspect is a combination of overcompensation and self-indulgence, there are too many adjectives in this story, but I like them too much to take them out.

It's set at an indeterminate time in the future; I think they're about seventeen, if that helps.

The title is an incredibly geeky pun that I don't expect anyone to get.

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