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[Doctor Who: no sleepers must sleep]

Title: No Sleepers Must Sleep
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: R
Word count: 3513
Notes: I have been itching to write fic about Lucy ever since she first appeared, it's just taken me a while to straighten out my ideas. I had more to say about her than I thought, which means that this is the first of two connected fics; the second will be set during and after the events of the S3 finale.

The poem referenced herein - and the source of the title - is Beat! Beat! Drums! by Walt Whitman.

Many thanks to schiarire for poking at this and making me think about the characterisation and - of course - the rhythm, and for the Bolero, and for forcing me to remember the word 'ostinato'.

Valour is an old word, belonging more to the suits of armour that line the corridors of her parents" house than to Lucy"s life of rhythmic prose and polished soundbites and new, dangerous secrets.Collapse )
Tags: doctor who
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