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[GA fic]

Title: Hiding Again
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Rating: PG
Word count: 739
Notes: This was meant to be a drabble for lone_lilly, who requested the geometric relationship from hell (Addison/Derek/Meredith). And I, uh. Got a little carried away. In the grand Grey's tradition, the title is a song title.

Addison hadn't been at Seattle Grace all that long, but she'd been there long enough to know that supply closet A on the second floor was far enough out of the way that the nurses hardly ever used it - it was quicker to detour to B. So it was something of a surprise, when she opened the door, to find the light already switched on and Meredith Grey seated on the floor. Seated on the floor, leaning against the nearest trolley and eating jellybeans out of a plastic jar.

"Dr Grey -" She stopped herself. "Meredith. What are you doing?"

"I'm counting tongue depressors."

"I see. Surely you have -"

"I'm not, really." The girl put a handful of jellybeans in her mouth and chewed pensively. Swallowed. "I'm hiding from Derek. I stole these from Paediatrics. They're for children getting immunised, and diabetic emergencies. Want one?"

Addison considered.

"Are there any pink left?"

"You're in luck." Meredith shook the container. "I hate pink."

"Excellent." Addison closed the door and sat down next to her.

"I mean, we know you like pink. Salmon scrubs. Izzie and I had a discussion - this was back when you were officially the evil bitchlady - about how redheads shouldn't wear salmon scrubs. Oops. I think we agreed we'd never tell you. Oh well." She looked up, and Addison's indignant reprimand died on her tongue. The girl was so...adorably ineffectual-looking. Damn her. "You've got to understand, it was the only thing we could attack you on. You're gorgeous. You're a brilliant surgeon. Everything else you wear looks good on you."

"I can't sing," Addison told her, finding a smile on her own face and wondering if she could make it go away.

"Oh. Well, that's comforting." Meredith fished around in the jellybeans. "Of course, neither can I, really. What are you doing in a supply closet, Dr Montgomery-Shepherd?"

"Hiding from Derek." Addison exhaled slowly and stared into the middle distance, which was full of sterile swabs.

"My ex-boyfriend is an arrogant asshole sometimes," Meredith said.

"My husband is a dismissive prick, sometimes."


Addison held out her hand for the jellybeans, and they munched in silence for almost a minute before the closet door opened and closed with great rapidity, leaving an arrogant asshole/dismissive prick pressed up against said door with an almost comical expression of surprise staging a hostile takeover against his accustomed faint smirk.

"Meredith. Addison. Hi."

Addison's teeth were struck together with pink glucose. She lifted a hand and waved.

"What are you doing in...a supply closet?" It seemed to be the question of the day.

"We're having an illicit lesbian encounter. With jellybeans," Meredith said, saving Addison the task of saying something along the same lines. "You can't have any." She scowled at him; or at least, Addison assumed it was meant to be a scowl. It just made her look more adorable. She was beginning to realise why Meredith Grey never really got the hang of saying no to her husband, and why her husband never stopped asking questions of Meredith Grey.

Addison regained jaw mobility. "What are you doing, Derek?"

"Would you believe I'm looking for a size 4 tube?"

"No," they said in something approaching unison.

He ducked his head to the side. "Fair enough. I'm hiding from Bailey. She wants to yell at me for something, and I'm in no hurry to find out what." He eyed the jellybeans, then glanced back at Meredith. "Any green?"

"Do you see what he's doing there?" Meredith said, closing her eyes and leaning her head conspiratorially on Addison's shoulder. "He's looking at me."

"Please, Meredith." Derek winked at Addison.

Meredith groaned, not opening her eyes, and held the jar out in his general direction. Derek smiled and leaned down to take some, and Addison knew him, knew that he couldn't eat a whole jellybean at once but had to nibble until his fingertips were stained blue and green, knew that his current amused gaze said very clearly: can't we keep her?

Meredith's hair fell in loose tawny strands across her arm. Addison was, for a moment, tempted.

"So." Derek bit a green jellybean in half. "Tell me more about this illicit lesbian encounter."

"You missed all the good parts," Meredith mumbled into Addison's shoulder. "See? Clothes all back on now. All parts tucked firmly back inside."

Derek choked on the jellybean.

Addison watched him turning pink, and felt pleasantly vindicated.
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